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"You make a lot of sense for an adult." Middle school boy, circle participant

Cordelia from A Public Health Approach to Pornography Crisis Video at the Washington DC Summit on Pornography that Morality in the Media/Porn Harms hosted (click on it!)

Check out the new page on the "Impact of Pornography" includes recent webinars.

This booklet by Cordelia Anderson offers a researched and shocking overview of the impact of pornography on children and youth.  To learn more and order go to NEARI Press online.

Click on: The Impact of Pornography on Children, Youth and Culture ,  From 10/3/14 MN Dept of Health Data Sympoisum

- Restorative Measures - booklet



· Over 38  years of prevention program development, training, consulting with attention to primary prevention

· Over 2,500 presentations nationwide & internationally

· Authored prevention materials including plays, videos, curricula, and booklets & prevention cards.

· Appeared on local and national media including Oprah Winfrey

Cordelia Anderson, M.A.
Sensibilities Prevention Services

Cordelia is a nationally known speaker & consultant with a wide variety of organizations nationwide.

Sensibilities Prevention Services
is the Minnesota based training and consultation business. Andersons' career has been dedicated to prevention of various forms of harm including: sexual violence, child sexual abuse and exploitation, countering normalization of sexual harm, bullying/cyber-bullying, , child abuse and interpersonal violence,   compassion fatigue  and the harmful  impact of  pornography.

Prevention requires a clear vision of what we're working for not only what we're working against and a commitment to social change. Cordelia's work also involves:  

· promotion of healthy development including: sexual health, healthy relationships, healthy touch, protective factors, restorative justice and self-care and organization health  

· strategies for social change to create a healthy society so that all children, youth and adults are treated with dignity, respect and honor and are able to live their lives free from abuse or exploitation.

Contact: Cordelia Anderson
Sensibilities Prevention Services
4405 Garfield Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55419

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