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  "You make a lot of sense for an adult." Middle school boy, circle participant   

Cordelia from A Public Health Approach to Pornography Crisis Video at the Washington DC Summit on Pornography that Morality in the Media/Porn Harms hosted (click on it!)

Check out the new page on the "Impact of Pornography" includes recent webinars.

This booklet by Cordelia Anderson offers a researched and shocking overview of the impact of pornography on children and youth.  To learn more and order go to NEARI Press online.

Click on: The Impact of Pornography on Children, Youth and Culture ,  From 10/3/14 MN Dept of Health Data Sympoisum

- Restorative Measures - booklet

The Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline: The Girls' Story  (Human Rights Project for Girls, Georgetown Law Center, Ms. Foundation for Women) The untold, hidden narrative of girls and our broken child welfare and criminal justice systems.

An Open Letter to President Obama: Visit Our Girls Behind Bars Too (Huffington Post)  


· Over 40  years of prevention program development, training, consulting with attention to primary prevention

· Over 2,600 presentations nationwide & internationally

· Authored prevention materials including plays, videos, curricula, and booklets & prevention cards.

· Appeared on local and national media including Oprah Winfrey

Cordelia Anderson, M.A.
Sensibilities Prevention Services

Cordelia is a nationally known speaker & consultant with a wide variety of organizations nationwide.

Sensibilities Prevention Services
is the Minnesota based training and consultation business. Andersons' career has been dedicated to prevention of various forms of harm including: sexual violence, child sexual abuse and exploitation, countering normalization of sexual harm, bullying/cyber-bullying, , child abuse and interpersonal violence,   compassion fatigue  and the harmful  impact of  pornography.

Prevention requires a clear vision of what we're working for not only what we're working against and a commitment to social change. Cordelia's work also involves:  

· promotion of healthy development including: sexual health, healthy relationships, healthy touch, protective factors, restorative justice and self-care and organization health  

· strategies for social change to create a healthy society so that all children, youth and adults are treated with dignity, respect and honor and are able to live their lives free from abuse or exploitation.

Jacobs Memory and Hope

Patty Wetterling, a Mother’s Legacy

By Cordelia Anderson, friend, colleague and admirer

Patty Wetterling, a mother, victim-parent, and tireless victim advocate, has created waves of heart-based social change. Her activism slowly grew out of the tragedy of her son Jacob’s abduction on October 22, 1989. The search for Jacob lasted nearly 27 years along with the families, and so many others, firm hope tha

t Jacob was alive. That reality shifted when Jacobs remains were identified. On September, 6, 2016, Danny Heinrich plead guilty to a child pornography charge while also admitting, with horrifying detail, how he had kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered Jacob. He buried Jacob’s body in Paynesville, MN which is near the same small town where he had kidnapped and sexually assaulted another boy, Jared Scheierl. While not admitting to more crimes, there were other boys about the same age, about the same time, approached and assaulted in a similar way.  Read entire piece


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Sensibilities Prevention Services
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